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Special attention to dairy cattle

Stay alert in the period of transition from drought to rainy.

Dairy cattle under grazing should pay special attention to feeding during the transition period, which occurs between the end of the drought and the beginning of the waters.
On this occasion, the diet is different, it changes a lot and it is necessary to make the adjustment, because the animals make the transition from the dry season being fed with bulky kept in the trough to return to graze.

A high-quality pasture has higher levels of protein in comparison with the preserved bulk. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce concentrates, which can be made on the farm or purchased. In this way, it can maintain the nutritional characteristics of the diet.

Choose Amireia Pajoara to your dairy cattle feed.
Amireia 200 S is the best and most natural substitute of soybean meal, with excellent palatability, providing a superior yield in milk production at a lower cost without changing milk quality and without risk of intoxication.

Making this adjustment in the animal's diet with the help of a technician, it will get from the herd a better result.